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World map in English – size 70 X 100 cm – with all the political borders of the countries of the world in an updated special edition printed in 2020. Buy the laminated world map in English.

An ideal world map in English for schools, for English study centers, businesses and anyone interested in having an updated map of the world. All the information of countries and continents in a classic political map with modern colors. The map does not include the flags of the countries.

Our laminated world poster has free delivery through UPS in Emirates and throughout Asia from our headquarters in Europe. The promotional price means a significant discount on the original price. The map is a limited edition full color laminated

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World map english 70 X 100 cm

Laminated map of the world in English. Special edition updated 2020. A color for each country, its capitals, its main cities and the main road network. Base scale 1/30 000 000. A laminated map to better understand the world and the situation of the countries on the continents. A current edition with new countries and new borders.

Free UPS transport.
Delivery 72-96 hours
Special tube shipping
Map size 70 X 100 cm
English language

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Waga 1 kg
Wymiary 70 × 100 cm

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